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Featured in WorthPoint – “Picker Joe’s: Savannah’s Choice for Antiques and Vintage Treasures”

Worthpoint’s article, “Picker Joe’s: Savannah’s Choice for Antiques and Vintage Treasures,” highlights the story of Picker Joe’s Antique Mall and Vintage Market and its owner, James Plumlee. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Plumlee moved to Savannah in 1999 and eventually started his antique business after initially selling vintage aviation items in a booth at the Wright Square Antique Mall.

Through extensive research and visiting over 300 antique stores, Plumlee developed a vision for his store that prioritized the customer experience. Picker Joe’s now hosts 65 dealers or “pickers” who bring their unique finds to the market. Mid-century items are popular among customers, and the store has also found success catering to the needs of filmmakers who regularly shoot in the Savannah area.

The article also covers Plumlee’s love for flying, which began at the age of 15. Following the tragic events of 9/11, he shifted his focus from becoming an airline pilot to flying a Chinese fighter trainer plane for air shows. Now, Plumlee has combined his passions for flying and antiques with his new venture, Skypickers, which caters to the immediate needs of filmmakers.

Worthpoint’s article showcases Picker Joe’s as a unique destination in Savannah for both antique lovers and film production professionals.

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