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Let us present to you a story.  A story behind every corner.  A story within each object.

A history.

Let us show you a piece of time.  A moment frozen within a timeless treasure.  A reminder of a time not forgotten.

A memory.


The first thing people say when they walk through the door (besides WOW!) is “Where do you get all your stuff?”  We are always proud to say “Our amazing dealers!”  At Picker Joe’s we have 65+ dealers who bring in all of the wonderful antiques and vintage goods priced just right for you to take home and enjoy.  The magic of the antique mall is the diversity of dealers and items they sell.

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If you are in the Savannah, Georgia area, stop on by and experience your own picking-adventure story at Picker Joe’s Antique Mall!

217 E 41st Street
Savannah, GA  31401

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