It has been raining all day, but that didn’t stop the new door for Picker Joe’s Antique Mall from being installed! Yes, we still need some glass to fill the rest of the storefront, but it is wonderful to see the brand-spankin’-new commercial door in place! The building is really coming together beautifully.

We have to say that Wells Anderson Construction has done a wonderful job on the renovation of the Picker Joe’s building! Before the project began, the building was nothing but a run-down shell… but now it will become a destination – a new life to 41st Street between Abercorn and Lincoln.

Now we have a door that folks from all around Savannah, as well as visitors from all parts of the world will walk through in the pursuit of antique and vintage treasures, gifts, collectibles, and to remember a bit of history.

Picker Joe’s – “Where memories are sold.”