Today is the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse and we don’t recommend picking during it!

Picker Joe’s Antique Mall will be closing today at 12:30pm so everyone can go experience this historic, once-in-a-lifetime event.  We will reopen on Tuesday the 22nd at 10am.

The moon’s shadow will start crossing the sun around 1:15 in Savannah today and will end at 4:09.  Our area will be at 98% coverage during totality, so do NOT take off your eclipse glasses during the entire event.  The only place and time it is safe to take eye protection off is within the 70 mile wide “path of totality” which is near Charleston, and when the moon covers the sun 100%.  Animals may act strange during the event so please comfort your pets!

Be safe!  Only use NASA approved eclipse glasses and stay off the roads.


The Picker Joe’s Team

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